Latest Top Three Songs in Kannada Film Industry

Kannada industry is in a merry as its music charts are on the top with the latest movies songs which are swinging the whole kannada movie fans in full zing .

  1. The number one positin is occupied by the kannada super hit musical album “cheluvina chiththaara” which is ruling the cine charts of kannada music . music copser has lenden a good work for this album and the work came splendidly . the songs “ullasada hoo male”,”kanaso idhu”,janumada gelati” & “iralaare cheluve” are hit songs from this album .
  2. Then the film with the tittle Milana is in the second position . .this film has completed 3 weeks in the theatres and this is declared a musical hit .,. “ninnindhale ninnidhale”is the popular song and also “malle ninthu mele is also a hit song in this film .
  3. The 3rd hit film whose music is whooing all the fans is the film “munguru male”. Though this film has pccupied less film thetres its scintillating music is a cynosure to ears. Specially the song “anisuthude yaako indhu” which is sung by sonu nigam is ruling the minds of music lovers of kannada films.

One Response to “Latest Top Three Songs in Kannada Film Industry”

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