The Top Five Kannada Albums

Cheluvina Chiththara: The sales of the album have been increasing steadily even after the film completed 100 days. Four songs have become major hits – Ullasada Hoo Male, Kanaso Idhu, Janumada Gelati, and Iralaaare Cheluve.

Mungaru Male: The album is still doing fantastic business though the film has been lifted from all the main theatres. Mano Murthy has pulled it off again, and all the songs have become hits, particularly Sonu Nigam’s Anisuthide Yaako Eno.

Milana: Mano Murthy scores again. Ninnindhale, Ninnindhale has become an extremely popular song.

Ee Bhandana: Yet another feather to Mano Murthy’s cap. Idhe Bhoomi is a highly emotional and melodious song which has all the makings of a chart-topper.

The album has generated interest because of the appeal of the film’s hero Ganesh. The film, awaiting release, has music by Hari Krishna who did good work in Jothe Jotheyalli and Snehaanaa Preethinaa.


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    bangalore boys the new albms

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