Aptha Mitra – A Movie Par Exellence

Aptha Mitra – A Movie Par Exellence. Who says kannada movies are down and out? If you someone feels so, they should go watch Aptha Mitra. A movie that has proved that a quality movie with quality music can still prove to be a crowd puller. With the star cast boasting of Vishnu Vardhan, Dwarkish, Ramesh, Soundarya, Prema, Avinash, Satya, Shivram, Pramila Joshi and others, you could hardly go wrong with the movie. Top that with some scintillating music by Gurukiran, excellent cinematography by Ramesh Babu and you got one of the best movies in the Kannada Movie Industry.

So, if you have not already done so, spend a few bucks and go watch the movie! till then, listen to the music at http://www.indianfolkmusic.in/.


2 Responses to “Aptha Mitra – A Movie Par Exellence”

  1. eshwarsatihal Says:

    i see kannada movies

  2. payan Says:

    Watch this movie in K A N N A D A O N L I N E . O R G

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